Android App Testing and Secure Folder Problems

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·Jul 1, 2021·

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I'm currently working on a new mobile game called "Kobold's Revenge" using Unity. I've been doing initial testing for Android by deploying to multiple phones and a tablet, all of which are Samsung devices.

I sometimes deploy directly via USB and other times via the Google Play store using the Internal Testing track. After several versions, one of the phones failed to install the latest update of the game.

When deploying with Unity direct to the phone, it would fail as a "timeout error". When trying to install from Google Play, the phone would report that the app is already installed, although I had uninstalled it and could find no evidence of the app on the phone.

I wracked my brain for hours, explored every folder on the phone for any left over artifact and came up with nothing. Then I stumbled onto Samsung's Secure Folder which stores apps and files in a secure, encrypted area on a device.

Here I found my app and was able to finish uninstalling. In fact, I removed Secure Folder from the test devices because I never explicitly added the app to Secure Folder and wouldn't want this to clog to my testing workflow again.

So, if you're running into the same thing, I hope this has helped you figure out the problem so you can get back to building and testing your app or game.


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